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Story Hour

Second Saturday of the month

Family Story Hour

TPL 10:15 am

Join us for a story ready by one of our favorite library volunteers and afterwards enjoy a craft and treat.

Homeschool Book Share

We are excited to offer a homeschool book share program for local homeschool families.

Come learn about the library, books, and get a homework assignment! Once a month, 1:00 on Tuesdays.

Currently our dates of meeting for the Spring/Winter of 2023 are as follows...

January 24th

February 28th

March 21st

April 18th

May 23rd

Adult Reading Challenge!

Join the adults from Turner Public Library is an adult reading challenge. Enter each month for drawings, discussion and new or interesting book prompts. For more details visit the library or our events page for the current reading prompts. 

There is a display in the adult stacks with books that fit the prompts for the month.

There will also be a paper list available each month at the circulation desk for people to sign when they are done with each month's prompt if they prefer not to post in the Facebook event.
Prizes will be drawn at the end of the year for patrons completing both the 12 and 24 book challenges, and look for prize drawings sprinkled throughout the year as well for people participating in our 2023 Adult Reading Challenge.

The list of reading prompts and recommended books can be found HERE. 

Family Game Night

First Thursday of the month

       TPL 6 - 8pm

Come and play a game from our every growing collection of popular games!  Try some new ones and don't forget you can check them out too!


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