About TPL

French Fry, TPL's mascot, joined the library as our Children's Ambassador and all round friend, free to roam the library when accompanied by a young reader. Named by TPL's young patrons, French Fry is a North American River Otter, also known as a Common Otter, found locally in this area of Maine.

Turner Public Library Mission Statement:

Proceeding from the conviction that the sharing of information and culture is essential to an individual's flourishing and a vital society, the Turner Public Library provides a space for social gathering and the exchange of ideas in addition to curated collections and programs to address the community's needs and to advance its interests.


The Turner Public Library was founded by members of the community in 1939. It is a non-profit corporation. Support for its operations comes from extensive fund raising efforts, from a bequest given by Oakes Kilgore, and from a contribution toward operating expenses given annually by the Town of Turner. The library also depends heavily upon its volunteers. They play a vital role in both fund raising and library operations.

Ellen Bradley
 Library Director
Joan Pedersen

Ellen Bradley joined TPL in February, 2017 as Assistant Library Director. A Turner resident since December 2016, Ellen has a BA in English and Rhetoric, a Master's Teaching Certificate, and a Paralegal degree in Legal Technology. She freelance writes about all things legal and tech, knits, spins, and quilts, adventures with her dog Lizzy, and mothers one son, although he's pretty independent at college.

Joan Pederson runs the library on Saturdays and is a favorite with our patrons. Joan enjoys reading and occasionally knits. Please stop by and see Joan on Saturdays from 9:30 to noon.

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