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Dear Friends and Neighbors:

We hope that you and your families are well and enjoying the opportunities afforded by the warming weather. We are reaching out to you today with news that we hope will be welcome. Yesterday, Tuesday, May 5, 2020, our Board of Trustees voted to begin resuming services to patrons according to a carefully thought-out plan and under a reasonable interpretation of Executive Order 19 by Governor Mills.

Our services will begin Thursday, May 7, 2020, at noon with the following:

1.      “Curbside” circulation services from the stairs on the first floor of the Leavitt Institute.

2.      Essential use of the computers by appointment only.

3.      Appointment-only use of the second floor Adult Reading Room for limited periods for those who wish to bring their own devices to access the library’s WIFI.

We are pleased to offer this first step toward resuming full library operations as soon as we can. Our plan, which meets or exceeds all the requirements and precautions of Maine’s reopening timetable, offers patrons the greatest amount of safe access we believe possible and we hope, that with your cooperation, we can continue to add those services, events, and programs that you enjoy and that we enjoy providing.

There’s a great deal of information in this newsletter that is important to know before we reopen, so please take a moment to read through what we’ve prepared. In order to keep our staff and neighbors healthy, and in compliance with the state’s mandates, the following must be observed by patrons who wish to take advantage of our services at this time:

1.      Anyone who wishes to access the library floors for any reason must wear a mask.

2.      For computer use or second floor Adult Reading Room access, an appointment must be requested and confirmed by library staff.  We ask that you arrive on time and adhere to your appointment window so others will also have an opportunity.

3.      Computer use will be limited to remote learning and essential access to online services such as: employment searches and applications, unemployment compensation applications and issue resolution, tax preparation and filing, and other social safety net applications and communications.

4.      Appointments for the use of a personal computer will limited to one patron at a time and be for 30-minute periods. Please have your information in order prior to arrival.

5.      Staff will not be able to assist you at the computer but will attempt to provide verbal instruction from a safe distance.

Please note, our staff will use their training and best discretion to provide all the help and services we can, however, we ask that everyone please comply with their requests. To put it bluntly, we will not ask our staff to tolerate unsafe or abusive behavior. If need be, we will shut the doors rather than endanger our staff and this includes wearing a mask. If you are sick, please do not make an appointment. You will be asked to leave for the safety of everyone.

We are still in a time of uncertainty, but we are determined to look ahead with cautious optimism, and with our core mission of service to the community at the heart of everything we do. Our staff has missed engaging with our patrons on favorite books and movies, seeing the delighted reactions of our practicing readers when they find a book that surpasses their expectations, and the sound of laughter on Family Board Game Night. We are confident that all of this will return to the library, perhaps with small alterations to our processes, but with the same unified spirit that your public library encourages. As conditions permit, we will expand our services, and we ask that continue to watch for newsletters, and to watch our Facebook page where we often post summarized digests of important information.

We wish you continued good health and look forward to hearing from you,

Anthony Shostak                                                                          Ellen Bradley

President                                                                                        Library Director

Turner Public Library Board of Trustees 

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