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New and popular additions coming to our collection.

One Last Lie by Paul Doiron - June 30, 2020

From the book jacket: The disappearance of Mike Bowditch's beloved mentor reveals

an ominous connection to a 15-year-old cold case in the new thriller from bestselling

Edgar Award finalist Paul Doiron.

"Never trust a man without secrets." These are the last words retired game warden

Charley Stevens speaks to his surrogate son, Warden Investigator Mike Bowditch,

before the old man vanishes without explanation. Mike suspects his friend's

mysterious departure has to do with an antique warden badge that recently

resurfaced at a flea market - a badge connected to a cold case from Charley's past

that the Maine Warden Service would rather forget.

Fifteen years ago, a young warden was sent on an undercover mission to infiltrate a notorious poaching ring and never returned. He was presumed dead, but his body was never recovered. Desperate to find Charley before he meets a similar fate, Mike's investigation brings him to the miles of forest and riverside towns along the Canadian border - but he soon learns that even his fellow wardens have secrets to keep. And Charley's past isn't the only one coming to light; his daughter, Stacey, has resurfaced to search for her missing father, and Mike must grapple with the return of the woman he once thought was gone forever.

Forced to question his faith in the man he sees as a father, Mike must reopen a cold case that powerful people - one of whom may be a killer - will do anything to keep closed.

Long Range by C.J. Box   - March 3, 2020

Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett must investigate an attempted murder--a 

crime committed from a confoundingly long distance--in the riveting new novel

from #1 New York Times bestselling author C. J. Box.

When Joe Pickett is asked to join the rescue efforts for the victim of a startling

grizzly attack, he reluctantly leaves his district behind. One survivor of the grizzly

's rampage tells a bizarre story, but just as Joe begins to suspect the attack is

not what it seems, he is brought home by an emergency on his own turf. Some-

one has targeted a prominent local judge, shooting at him from a seemingly

impossible distance. While the judge was not hit, his wife is severely wounded,

and it is up to Joe to find answers--and the shooter.

The search for the would-be assassin becomes personal when Joe's best friend, Nate Romanowski --just as he's adjusting to the arrival of his first child--falls under suspicion for the crime. It's a race against the clock as Joe tries to clear Nate's name and identify the real shooter, all while deciphering the grizzly encounter. Beset by threats both man-made and natural, the two men must go to great lengths to keep their loved ones safe.

​​​All the Devis are Here by Lousie Penny - September 1, 2020

“‘A Better Man,' with its mix of meteorological suspense, psychological insight and

criminal pursuit, is arguably the best book yet in an outstanding, original oeuvre.”

―Tom Nolan, Wall Street Journal



Night. Death. Sleep. The Stars by Joyce Carol Oates - June 9, 2020

The bonds of family are tested in the wake of a profound tragedy, providing a look at the

darkerside of our society by one of our most enduringly popular and important writers

Night Sleep Death The Stars is a gripping examination of contemporary America through

theprism of a family tragedy: when a powerful parent dies, each of his adult children

reacts instartling and unexpected ways, and his grieving widow in the most surprising

way of all. Stark and penetrating, Joyce Carol Oates’s latest novel is a vivid exploration of race,

psychological trauma, class warfare, grief, and eventual healing, as well as an intimate family

novel in the tradition of the author’s bestselling We Were the Mulvaneys.



Sea Wife by Amity Gaige - April 28, 2020

For readers of Meg Wolitzer, Kate Atkinson, and Jennifer Egan

From the highly acclaimed author of Schroder, a smart, sophisticated literary page

turner abouta young family who escape suburbia for a year-long sailing trip that

upends all of their lives

Juliet is failing to juggle motherhood and her anemic dissertation when her husband, Michael,

informs her that he wants to leave his job and buy a sailboat. The couple are novice sailors, but Michael persuades Juliet to say yes. With their two kids--Sybil, age seven, and George, age two, Juliet and Michael set off for Panama, where their forty-four-foot sailboat awaits them--a boat that Michael has christened the Juliet.

The initial result is transformative: their marriage is given a gust of energy, and even the children are affected by the beauty and wonderful vertigo of travel. The sea challenges them all--and most of all, Juliet, who suffers from postpartum depression.

Sea Wife is told in gripping dual perspectives: Juliet's first-person narration, after the journey, as she struggles to come to terms with the dire, life-changing events that unfolded at sea; and Michael's captain's log--that provides a riveting, slow-motion account of those same inexorable events.

Exuberant, harrowing, witty, and exquisitely written, Sea Wife is impossible to put down. A wholly original take on one of our oldest stories--survival at sea--it also asks a pertinent question for our polarized political moment: How does a crew with deep philosophical differences and outmoded gender roles bring a ship safely to shore?

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