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Graphic Novel  - Comic Book - Picture Book Contest

Are you a young author, artist, or superhero fan? Got an idea for a fun story? Did you take an awesome adventure that will look amazing on paper? We have just the contest for you!

We were so inspired by our day with Capt'n Eli creator Jay Piscopo, we've decided to hold a contest to see what you can do! 


1. Open to all kids pre-k through rising 12th grade. 

2. You may choose from picture book, graphic novel, or comic book format.

3. All formats must include:

  •  a plotted story that has a beginning, a dramatic climax (something big happens and things change), and an ending;​​

  • at least 5 separate pictures, in color; 

  • a title page or cover with the title of the work, author's name, and age.

4. You may work with a friend, or as a group, but only one prize will be awarded per chosen work (you'll have to share the prize). If you work with others, please include the names of all contributors on the title page.​

5. Computer generated images are not permitted.

6. Computer generated boxes and lines to format text are permitted.

7. Parents may assist small children, however, we encourage you to assist only. 

8. Bind your book with staples along the left hand edge, or sew inside the fold of stacked and folded pages.

We will choose two overall winners: (A) Best/most creative story; and (B) best/coolest artwork. 

We'll also be looking for other authors who deserve special recognition based on creativity and originality.

Prizes will be awarded, included two sets of signed Jay Piscopo graphic novels, and the winning entries will added to the Turner Public Library's inventory and we will file on your behalf for a copyright on your work.  You will receive a Copyright certificate from the US Government.

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