Supporting TPL

Gift Policy

Turner Public Library welcomes gifts of materials with the understanding that upon receipt all such materials become property of the Library. No conditions may be imposed by the donor, relating to any material, after its receipt by the Library. The same criteria are used for gifts as are applied to potential Library purchases when considering for inclusion in the collection.

In particular, donated materials that do not meet the standard criteria for inclusion in the Library's collection may be disposed of at the discretion of the Library. Such materials may be sold at the Library book sale, offered to another institution, or disposed of otherwise. If the donor wishes, he may request that a title be returned to him if it is not selected for addition to the collection.

The establishment of the gift's value for tax purposes is a responsibility of the donor. The library is not able to make an appraisal because of its position as an interested party and also because of limited staff expertise in the bookselling field.

Thank you very much for your gift. We appreciate your support of Turner Public Library.