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The title "Corporator" sounds formal, but it is, in practice, equivalent to the more familiar "Friend of the Library." Current members are eligible to nominate deserving volunteers to Corporator status. Election of Corporators is conducted at the Annual Meeting.

Your participation can be as active or as passive as you choose. There are no fixed obligations other than your attendance at the Annual Meeting. (Under the By-Laws, Corporators, to remain in good standing, are permitted to miss, without explanation, no more than two consecutive Annual Meetings."

For those with active interests, we offer a range of opportunities, both long and short term. The library is engaged in year round activities and strives to develop and implement both fund-raising projects and services and events of value to the community. We seek to build a broad-based and inclusive organization. The library encourages energetic and imaginative participation, and always welcomes ideas and suggestions that can broaden use or support, or might just make the library a better place. All Trustee projects and working committees are open to Corporators. (Projects for the coming year are typically described and discussed at the Annual Meeting.) There are book sales, Winter and Summer Festival Activities, Reading Programs, and other short term efforts that depend heavily upon the participation of volunteers.

For more information on the Corporators, please contact the library.

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