Are you ready to dream, design, and build?

Turner Public Library Chopstick Challenge

Rules and Guidelines:

Who May Enter: Anyone may enter. It is not a requirement to be a TPL patron to compete.

Age Groups: (1) Grades 7-12 will be grouped according to the number of entries. Homeschool students will be entered into the category closest to the grade level which corresponds to their age.

            (2) Adults, ages 18 and over.

            (3) Teams of mixed ages – contestants under the age of 12, or below grade 7, will need to enter the challenge as a member of a team with at least one participant age 12 or over. Teacher/Adult advised teams will be grouped here.


Contest begins Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at Noon.


What Qualifies as an Entry: Any structure, useful object, machine, tool, or work of art designed and built by the contestant(s), and for which the primary structural material is chopsticks.

What Can I Add: Any other materials the contestant wishes to add, including but not limited to fiber, metal, natural materials, plastic, electricity, water, sound, or light.


What Can’t I Add: Alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, poison or noxious materials, uncovered dry ice, living or deceased animals, including insects, hazardous or sharp edges that pose an injury hazard intentionally or not, any other material or substance deemed inappropriate in the sole discretion of Turner Public Library.


What are the Size Requirements/Restrictions: There is no minimum or maximum size for the entry. Again, please use chopsticks as the structural support material. TPL will provide each contestant or team 50 chopsticks. Supplies permitting, more chopstick may be available from the library. You may obtain additional chopsticks, and, may use the chopsticks of your choice at your expense.


All entries must be displayable without being held while viewing. Works of art may be displayed by hanging.


Drawings: Points will be awarded for drawings demonstrating the build elements. Contestants are welcome to use TPL’s CAD software or software of their choice, or to hand-draw schematics.  Drawings are not required, but encouraged. If sponsorship levels permit, separate awards for outstanding drawings may be presented.


Deadline for Entries: Friday, January 5, 2018 at 6pm in the library.


Judging: Will be conducted by category sponsors with assistance by library staff/trustees/corporators. Judging will begin on January 6th and conclude by January 10th.


General guidelines for judging:


Structural Design and Integrity

Execution of a Drawing

Incorporation of Other Materials



Awards: Awards will be distributed on January 11th, time to be announced.


Please return the completed form below with your entry.


Name of Entry: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________________________________________________________________

Category:  Structure___________ Tool___________ Machine____________ Artwork_____________

Age Group: Grades 7-12 _________________________ (please specify grade level and/or age)

Adult __________________   Team: ______________ please include team members and ages below:

______________________________________                    ______________________________________

______________________________________                    ______________________________________

______________________________________                    ______________________________________

Continue below if space for additional team members is required.

Telephone number: ___________________________________________________